Earth Retention System

For a reliable Earth Retention System, depend on Benchmark Construction’s quality structural strategies.

At Benchmark Construction, we know how essential it is to stay up to date with technology systems. Our Earth Retention System is broken down into three different methods: CBSP Walls, Secant Pile Shafts, and Slurry Walls.

Cement Bentonite Solider Pile Walls (CBSP): This is a method used for temporary structures that provides a watertight support to construct a wall. Although this technique is temporary, it is cost effective for Earth Retention Systems.

Secant Pile Shafts: This is a technique used to control floor movement and groundwater inflow that can be installed in any type of condition. Once dispatched, our team will fill each shaft with concrete, which will cause the shafts to overlap with each other, forming a stable wall.

Slurry Walls: This is a method used for structures near large bodies of water. This has been proven to withhold water inflows by constructing a diaphragm with reinforced concrete.

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