Vertical Trenchless Technology

Take advantage of our Vertical Trenchless Technology service to reduce costs and help protect the environment.

When it comes to construction projects in public, most companies do not take the effect it has on the environment, but Benchmark Construction does. We hold the environment in the highest regard, which is why we conduct our construction with Vertical Trenchless Technology.

Trenchless Technology is the process of placing new cable, pipe, or conduit in the ground between two points without continuous, open cut excavation between them.

Advantages of Vertical Trenchless Technology:

  • Minimizes the effects on the environment
  • Soil, water bodies, and organisms are not disrupted
  • Installation done quicker
  • Reduced costs
  • Safer than open cut excavations
    • Can use safer techniques than crew climbing down steep slopes

To learn more about our Vertical Trenchless Technology, give us a call at (630) 497-1700 today.

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