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Benchmark Construction supports your utility infrastructure and underground pipe installation projects with unique, award-winning expertise in construction management and operations.

We help you achieve great results, working proactively with you on planning and design to achieve lower maintenance and operating costs and reduced total costs of ownership. When you need another opinion or a better option, we bring design expertise as a value-add. Our customers recognize our commitment and safe delivery of projects delivered on-time and with quality.

When unanticipated challenges arise, we work with you to effectively solve problems–bringing best practices based on years of experience. You will appreciate our ability to read and react to field conditions.

The way we operate our business with streamlined processes translates into competitive bids. We manage and deliver all size jobs and work effectively in multi-agency installations.

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Benchmark is ready to help you with your construction needs.

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“Ever thought that digging a ditch was a slam dunk? Not in a densely populated, older metro area with lots of history. You never know what to expect, an old trolley tunnel or water main from the 1800’s – that’s why you need experienced problem-solving experts like Benchmark Construction.”

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